Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everyone Communications, Few Connect

Update on original post in 2009; The book has been published and I was listed as one of a couple hunderd contributors. My daughter, Sunne, is getting me the book for my birthday (hint, hint).


From original post -

This is going to be an interesting read. John Maxwell is writing a new book titled "Everyone Communicates, Few Connect" and is posting his manuscript, one chapter every other week or so, on the web for review and comments.

Now, about the book; what a great title! Personally, I can't imagine a better idea for a book in such a culture as we have today. Personally, I feel, much of the time, like a talking-head and have recognized for years that I communicate my head and fingers off, yet..... it's often to deaf ears, skipped emails, and other agendas.

Here are more comments I've had about the book and chapter 8 in particular

To that end....